Election watchdog reveals more voters registered in Fulton County than are eligible ahead of GA Trump rally


Hours before President Donald Trump is set to hold a rally in the heart of Georgia, VoterGA, an elections watchdog group, revealed that more people are registered to vote in Georgia’s Fulton County than are eligible to legally cast ballots in the state.

As first reported by The Gateway Pundit, VoterGA posted the findings, which indicate that fraud possibly influenced the election, on its website Saturday morning.

“You see, as of the April 2020 Census, there were 1,066,000 people who lived in Fulton County,” the website’s update reads. “When we subtract out people who can’t vote like those under 18 who make up 21.4% of the population, illegal aliens, incarcerated people, people over 65 who are cognitively unable to vote, and the homeless, you come up with about 262,000 ineligible voters.  Subtract them from the starting population of 1,066,000 and that leaves you with about 805,000 possible voters but 806,451 were actually registered!”

Source: VoterGA

“Let’s not forget that to accomplish this, Fulton county would have had to register nearly 600 people each and every day for a full year,” the organization continued. “When we pull the records, I doubt we will see that level of activity. Stay tuned!”

This report comes just days after a public hearing in Georgia revealed that a secret audit has been underway in Fulton County for months now.

The new Georgia findings in addition to the groundbreaking Maricopa County audit will likely be points of discussion for President Donald Trump when he takes the stage tonight in Perry, Ga. Tune in here.

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