Report: Georgia official says a secret election audit is underway in Fulton County

by Vianca Rodriguez

A court hearing regarding the Fulton County audit of absentee ballots took place Monday morning at the Henry County Courthouse in Georgia – and the result was shocking.

Judge Brian Amero raised questions to the attorneys attempting to prevent the ballots from being released for further inspection. While Attorney Don Samuel argued for a motion to dismiss the case, the judge raised arguments against him regarding potential “counterfeit ballots, malfeasance, and criminal conduct diluting votes,” as originally reported by Real America’s Voice.

The judge appeared to favor proceeding with the case and inspecting the potentially compromised ballots, especially as the Favorito team of attorneys insisted in preventing the inspection.

“How do you know there has been a delusion of the vote unless you look at the ballots?” Judge Amero asked. “What has been done? You said you did something but what have you done to inspect the ballots?”

Judge Amero asked the State Board of Elections to submit an amicus brief that would allow them 20 more days of additional time to submit more information pertaining the Fulton County ballots, including the possibility of these being released to be inspected on potential voter discrepancy suspicions.

As the hearing concluded, Charlene McGowan, a representative for the secretary of state, revealed a staggering announcement that the elections office is conducting a private, yet ongoing, investigation into the 2020 election, The Gateway Pundit reported.

It appears that the report of a private investigation into the November 2020 elections was already suspected back in May. The judge that oversaw this hearing reportedly already expressed for reviewing Fulton County election ballots.

VoterGA, a non-partisan non-profit organization whose mission is to restore election integrity within Georgia by advocating for “independently verifiable, auditable, recount capable, and transparent” elections, filed a lawsuit in December 2020 to inspect Fulton County mail-in ballots after four senior poll managers made it known that they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count process of the Fulton County audit.

The state of Georgia previously directed a bipartisan panel to review Fulton County’s possible mismanagement of the election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger recognized that Fulton County Election Director, Rick Barron, and Registration Director, Ralph Jones, have failed the people of Georgia for not doing enough to prevent inaccurate ballots and should have been terminated “immediately.”

The hearing comes shortly after President Trump last week called on Georgia officials to “decertify” the 2020 election and “announce the true winner.”

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