Elon Musk weighs in on the buzz around allowing Trump back on Twitter

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk weighed in on the buzz surrounding whether President Donald Trump will be reinstated on Twitter following the company’s change in leadership.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Trump is coming back on this platform, Twitter would be minting money!” Musk tweeted Monday.

It’s clear that Musk’s recent $44 billion purchase of Twitter has installed hope that the social platform will improve in the hands of the billionaire entrepreneur, with users anticipating reduced Big Tech censorship and increased freedom of speech.

Many Americans also wonder whether Musk will follow his original statements to “reverse” Twitter’s “foolish” ban on the 45th president, as he claimed to do once he was in charge, per RSBN.

During an FT Live conference in May, Musk claimed that it was “not correct to ban Donald Trump,” referring to Twitter’s decision to kick the sitting president off the platform as a “mistake.”

“I guess the answer is that I would reverse the permanent ban. I don’t own Twitter yet, so this is not like a thing that would definitely happen because what if I don’t own Twitter?” Musk said months before purchasing the platform.

However, President Trump has continually expressed that he wishes to stay on his own social platform, Truth Social.

The president reaffirmed his commitment to Truth Social in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

“I like Elon and I wish him a lot of luck. I hope he does well with it,” Trump said, adding that he doesn’t think “Twitter can be successful without” him, according to the outlet.

“I am staying on Truth,” he added. ” I like it better, I like the way it works, I like Elon, but I’m staying on Truth.”

Despite Trump’s commitment to only use Truth, the president did express support for Musk in a Truth Social post, saying, “I am very happy that Twitter is now in sane hands, and will no longer be run by Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs that truly hate our country.”

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