First Lady Melania Trump receives Spirit of Lincoln Award

by Summer Lane

First Lady Melania Trump received the Spirit of Lincoln Award at a gala on Nov. 6, an honor awarded to her by the Log Cabin Republicans and the Liberty Education Forum for her work toward equality and diversity in America. The gala, which also honored Trump ally and the former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, marked one of very few rare appearances for the First Lady since leaving the White House in January. 

The Log Cabin Republicans, the “nation’s largest Republican dedicated to fighting for LGBT conservatives and allies,” announced in September that they would be honoring Melania Trump at the upcoming banquet in a statement: 

“During and after her time in office, First Lady Melania Trump has proven time and again her leadership on those principles. Her BE BEST initiative focused on those most vulnerable among us – children – by encouraging them to be their best, drawing attention to young Americans’ social and emotional health, issues that LGBT Americans of all stripes empathize with. Moreover, in the heat of the presidential election last year, the First Lady passionately reiterated her husband’s commitment to LGBT Americans, supported diversity of thought, and made clear that we are welcome members of the Republican Party, a historic moment not just for LGBT conservatives but for the history of the GOP. Melania Trump’s acceptance to be the guest of honor at the Spirit of Lincoln Gala even after she has left the White House only reaffirms her unwavering support for the LGBT community.”

Richard Grenell received the Game Changer Award, and Rep. Christ Stewart, R-Utah, received the Congressional Champion Award for his support of the Fairness For All Act, better known as H.R. 1440, which bans discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual orientation, while likewise providing exemptions and benefits to religious providers. 

The First Lady expressed her feelings about receiving the award in a tweet posted to her account on Monday: 

“Thank you @LogCabinGOP, Liberty Education Forum, @RichardGrenell for a wonderful evening dedicated to celebrating our Nation’s valued principals of equality & diversity for all. It was an honor to receive this year’s Spirit of Lincoln Award.”

Supporters of Melania Trump and President Trump were likely thrilled to see them attend the dinner, and as the 2022 midterms and a potential 2024 bid to retake the White House grow closer, Americans will probably be seeing more of Mrs. Trump and the 45th president again at events like this. 

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