Here’s what to expect from Trump’s MAGA speech in New Hampshire today

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is set to speak in Manchester, New Hampshire this afternoon, where impressively large crowds gathered in the streets hours ahead of his scheduled remarks to show their support for the People’s President.

Trump has been ramping up his public appearances lately, delivering speeches across the fruited plane in places like Florida, Iowa, and Texas.

Last week, he delivered remarks to the Lee County GOP Dinner in the Sunshine State, where he discussed his bold, forward-thinking vision to foster American prosperity and strength in 2024.

President Trump en route to Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday

In New Hampshire, Trump will touch on Joe Biden’s official 2024 reelection campaign and react to the news of the regime’s plans to vie for continuing the “calamitous presidency” that began in 2021, according to excerpts from his speech.

Expect Trump to heavily focus on the importance of revitalizing the economy and his plan to pull the U.S. from the wreckage of hyperinflation and supply chain snarls.

The 45th president will also emphasize the stark differences between a Biden presidency and a Trump presidency, contrasting the weakness of the Biden regime against the strength of the Trump administration.

As reported by RSBN, Thursday’s New Hampshire venue was set to host 1,500 people inside. Countless more eager supporters waited outside, displaying their enthusiasm for a 2024 Trump presidency.

Watch President Trump’s remarks on RSBN here.

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