For New Yorkers, the Trump Train moving into the South Bronx caused a political earthquake that will be felt for many years to come

by Lisa Noeth

Photo: Alamy | Op-ed by Lisa Noeth

President Trump’s message resonated with me as he tells it like it is as a true New Yorker: “If a New Yorker can’t fix this country, then who can?” Born and raised in Queens, New York, President Trump brings pride to New York City.

As a New Yorker, I’m deeply moved by the heartfelt reaction from the 25,000 New York patriots who attended President Trump’s rally in the South Bronx at Crotona Park on Thursday. The crowd represented hard-working local New Yorkers filled with love for New York City and America as a whole.

Many residents were ecstatic to see the first presidential nominee visiting the Bronx in their lifetime. Local Bronx residents proudly welcomed President Trump with open arms.

When President Trump said to the crowd: “It doesn’t matter whether you are black, brown, white, or whatever the hell color you are. We are all Americans.”  The chants of “USA, USA, USA” grew louder and louder from the electrifying crowd.

Real local New Yorkers who are lifelong Democrats, Orthodox Jewish Americans, union workers, Hispanics, and African Americans all publicly said during interviews on RSBN that they are backing President Trump.

That’s real bravery and devotion —New York patriots are turning their backs on the ongoing gaslighting and lies from the Democrats.

New Yorkers are now fed up as they call out the Biden administration and AOC. New Yorkers see firsthand the ongoing high crime and violence in the streets of Manhattan due to the migrant crisis and lawlessness. Moreover, Governor Hochul’s ratings continue to drop to 40-49 percent, according to a recent poll conducted by Siena College.

Years ago, we would not see politicians being confronted and held accountable by their constituents. Now, the true colors of politicians, like AOC, are showing, thanks to the brave local New Yorkers, who weathered the heavy rain.

Elected Democrat politicians need to remember they were voted into public office to serve and answer to only the American people, not foreign governments or illegal immigrants. The rise of the migrants receiving free public benefits, including housing and cash assistance, in New York City has shown that the politicians do not care about their real constituents, the Hispanic and African American communities.

 Lou Valentino, also known as the Suburban Black Man, best explains the struggles of everyday New Yorkers:

“The pressure is on, the line to get in here is an hour-plus long. There is a lot of people coming out here. It looks diverse. This is defeating every narrative there is. Democrats are going to have a hard time in November because now New Yorkers are going to start asking who are the politicians representing me? This is not about Trump. This is the strategy about Trump coming here and putting pressure on them. The Democrats have been getting our votes for so long for years for decades. What has changed? Poverty, not that many jobs out here, it’s a struggle.”

This is why there was such a huge turnout at the Bronx yesterday.

We are now witnessing the great awakening of the America First movement from fed-up hard-working Americans impacted negatively by the Biden Administration. The widespread tide is turning from deep blue New York City to MAGA Country. United we stand as one movement to see this unfold over the next few months.  

Over 250 local New Yorkers registered as Republicans on Thursday at the Trump rally, one report said. This election will be determined by the lifelong Democrats, minority community, and young people who voted Democrat in the past.

Once he is elected back to the White House, President Trump will deliver on all his promises to New Yorkers and all Americans—safer communities, energy independence, a stronger economy, and job creation. The positive outcome of the Bronx rally proves that President Trump genuinely cares about the left-leaning inner cities and the minority community.

It is time for President Trump to hold a rally at Madison Square Garden and every single Democrat inner city to bring together the real patriots – everyday Americans from every generation, socioeconomic, and ethnic background. Let’s Make America Great Again together.

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