AOC gets MEGA-trolled over MAGA rally in The Bronx

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s rally in The Bronx on Thursday sent far-left progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into a tailspin, which did not go unnoticed by social media users.

The lawmaker wrote “God is Good” with emoji prayer hands when she shared an early morning post from a Politico reporter remarking on the rainy conditions in the borough. She also tried to downplay the magnitude of the historical event in her posts on X, but was epically trolled with memes and crowd-size comparisons to her town hall events.

In an X post, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., shared a video of the massive line to get into the rally, captioning it with, “AOC is so mad. She can’t get 20 people to show up for her town halls.”

A popular AOC parody account jabbed her mocking invocation of God when sharing a video of the lawmaker speaking to a nearly empty auditorium during one of her town hall events.

The most popular meme of the day was the strategic photoshopping of AOC fake crying at the southern border during Trump’s first term, with users perfectly placing her cutout next to the line of rallygoers waiting to get into the event.

Others turned AOC’s words against her by captioning photos and videos of the massive crowd size with “God is Good.”

Several media outlets spoke to rallygoers about the quality of AOC’s representation in The Bronx, with one bluntly stating, “She has done NOTHING for The Bronx.”

The night before the event, AOC stumbled over her words when she claimed that the only reason Trump was rallying in The Bronx was because he was “stuck in court” in New York.

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