Gaetz slams McCarthy as a ‘uniparty’ agent ‘fused with Joe Biden and Hakeem Jeffries’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is facing a breach of his agreement to obtain his position led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.

Gaetz posted a clip of his interview on the Salem News Channel, stating, “Right now, we are governed by a uniparty that @SpeakerMcCarthy has fused with Joe Biden and Hakeem Jeffries.”

He called out McCarthy for not upholding his promises. He said, “To become Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy had to make a number of promises, and they were promises that didn’t relate to spending…”

“A great bulk of that agreement was to constrain the spending of the federal government,” he continued.

Gaetz then added, “He is in material breach of the agreement that allowed him to become Speaker of the House.”

The congressman believes that Democrats would not vote to remove McCarthy as Speaker if House Republicans pushed to replace him.

He then posted his Hannity interview pressing the matter further on Tuesday night. He wrote, “@SpeakerMcCarthy deserves all the criticism and more because it’s his fault that we haven’t considered individual appropriations bills up to this point – like he said we would in January.”

“They want to jam us under the time pressure of the government running out of money and the fear of a shutdown so that the lobbyists and special interests who own Kevin McCarthy get to make the decisions,” Gaetz asserted. 

During the interview, he continued to oppose McCarthy and declared, “We will have a shutdown.”

Gaetz has continuously been criticized by media outlets, especially the New York Post, for challenging McCarthy. 

He posted a prediction that they will issue him an apology in the future. This came on the same day that the New York Times ran an op-ed noting, “Maybe Gaetz Is Right.”

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