Glenn Beck: Vaccine mandates are the ‘last line’ for Americans, I will NOT comply

by Gary Smith

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck urged his audience on Sunday to take a stand against mandatory vaccination, or risk losing all their remaining freedoms.

“This is my line, and I hope it is your line as well,” Beck said. “If a President can say, ‘I’m going to reach in and destroy businesses, I’m going to destroy lives, I’m going to destroy jobs, I’m going to make people wear something and I’m going to make people inject something into their body,’ you have no freedom.”

“If they can do this, they can do anything, this is the last line,” The Blaze founder continued. “If we allow them to cross this line there is no freedom left in America.”

Explaining the importance of stopping the federal government’s vaccine mandate in its tracks, Beck warned that if Americans comply now, they open the door for much more nefarious Big Government plans.

“If you think they won’t come for you, if you just go along with this, I’m telling you right now the regulation is coming on how you can spend your money and where you can spend your money,” he said. “The regulations will come for your speech, it will come for your church, it will come, America this truly is your last call, so what do your choose to do.”

“Every single generation has to decide if they are going to be free or not,” Beck ended. “I will not comply.”

Beck’s statements come as Biden’s Labor department considers expanding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) vaccine mandate to businesses with less than 100 employees, potentially impacting up to a hundred million Americans.

“OSHA left open the possibility of expanding the requirement to smaller businesses,” AP reported after Joe Biden delayed enforcement until January 2022. “It asked for public comment on whether employers with fewer than 100 employees could handle vaccination or testing programs.”

Beck’s statements, which deeply resonated with anti-vaccine mandate Americans, have garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

“We have a rogue government in control of a Congress, a rogue court, a rogue military and a rogue Justice Department,” U.S. Army vet and Tacoma grandfather John Sheil shared in response to Beck’s call to action. “Because our rogue government controls the guns , it can do whatever it wants it wants and that makes Our Constitution meaningless.”

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