Gov. DeSantis signs $1.2 billion tax relief package, ‘largest’ in Florida history

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., on Friday signed HB 7071, a broad tax relief bill that is the “biggest” tax relief bill in Florida history, as stated by the governor during a “Tax Relief” press conference.

The bill is part of a package of 17 bills sent by the legislature to Gov. DeSantis’ desk, according to a report from News4Jax.

“Today, I’m going to sign into law HB 7071 – this is actually the largest tax relief in the history of the state of Florida,” the governor stated proudly. “[A] $1.2 billion tax relief package.” He added that the tax relief would cater to “really critical needs” like gas, diapers, disaster supplies, tools for skill trades, recreational activities, and more.

Gov. DeSantis slammed the Biden administration for contributing to high inflation in the country by printing “trillions” of dollars during his remarks. The governor said, “If your wages are going up eight percent and the cost of everything is going up 10 percent or 15 – and when they say it’s 8.5 percent increase, that is completely understating what it is for the average American family.”

The governor’s office released a fact sheet on Florida’s tax relief holidays.

DeSantis also promised to support Floridian residents by helping them afford goods, despite rising market prices. “In Florida, we are going to support our residents and help them afford the goods that they need. Florida has been fiscally responsible, so we are in a good position to provide meaningful relief for families right now, ” he said.

HB 7071 will prohibit counties from imposing requirements on borrowers other than requiring proof of income. There will also be a property tax exemption for widows, widowers, and those who are blind or permanently disabled.

DeSantis additionally called the rising prices of goods, fuel, and utilities “a federally-induced inflationary spiral.” He continued, “If you have a Biden-induced recession…I don’t need to change anything…just grab some money from the rainy-day fund.”

Gov. DeSantis’ strong move to cut taxes ahead of the gubernatorial reelection in November is likely to boost his poll numbers, which are already soaring. The St. Leo University Polling Institute found in a recent survey that DeSantis currently has a 58.8 percent approval rating in the Sunshine State.  

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