Hundreds of military members and veterans sign ‘Declaration of Military Accountability’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

231 military members and veterans have signed and issued a “Declaration of Military Accountability” to the American People. 

According to the petition introducing the declaration, this is intended to “ignite a new spark of liberty” and hold “all those in governmental authority who have abused their positions in unlawful and corrupt ways” accountable.

The “Declaration of Military Accountability” states, “The affairs of our nation are now steeped in avaricious corruption and our once stalwart institutions, including the Dept of Defense, are failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which they were founded.”

The group that drafted the letter noted that they are supported under their constitutional rights and that in 2020 and afterward, “military leaders broke the law” by instituting COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

These medical requirements are stated to have “denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion.”

The declaration alleges that this caused “moral and physical injuries,” leading to “irreparable harm,” yet no military leaders have resigned or held themselves accountable. 

The authors pledged to do everything legally possible to hold military leaders accountable by running for office to “fight to enforce the law and put an end to the two-tiered justice system.”

Resigned Army Officer Brad Miller signed the declaration and posted it to X on Tuesday. He stated, “Let’s take our country back in 2024 & let’s begin by defending our military from its own leadership.”

Ex-Green Beret John Frankman also signed the declaration and posted it. He wrote, “In implementing the COVID VAX mandate, military leaders unlawfully coerced service members to take an experimental drug.”

“They ignored our God given religious rights by indiscriminately denying almost all religious exemptions. They violated their own medical policy by denying medical exemptions to those who already had COVID.” He concluded, “Please support our efforts by sharing this letter, as well as by following & supporting those who signed it, especially current political candidates.”

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