Illegal immigrant population balloons as number of foreign-born individuals rockets to 47 million

W39J4P us border patrol on the border in Nogales Arizona

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The crisis at the southern border has caused a significant uptick in the population of illegal immigrants who are flooding into American cities, according to a new report from the Washington Examiner.

This startling new data is based on a review of information provided by Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler regarding the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS).

According to a report shared at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the total foreign-born population, including legal and illegal immigrants, in the U.S. today has ballooned to an all-time high of 47 million.

The CIS report states:

“The total foreign-born population (legal and illegal) increased by two million in the first 16 months of the Biden administration — January 2021 to April 2022 — twice as fast as the U.S.-born population grew.”

According to the Washington Examiner, this also illustrates an increase in the illegal immigrant population, which was reportedly sitting at 10.2 million in early 2021 and is now at 11.6 million, based on an analysis of the data.

“We preliminarily estimate that illegal immigrants accounted for two-thirds of the growth in the foreign-born population since January 2021 — 1.35 million,” the CIS report reads.

Interestingly, the report also notes that the states with the “largest increase” in “foreign-born” populations between January 2021 and April 2022 were California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, New York, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Further, their analysis contends that if the “present trend continues,” the foreign presence will potentially reach one in seven U.S. residents by Sept. 2023, which is noted in the report as “higher than any time in the nation’s 246-year history.”

Additionally, the Census Bureau projected that if the foreign population continues to expand at the current pace, “it will reach 51.3 million and 15.4 percent of the U.S. population by the end of Biden’s term; both will be new records highs in U.S. history.”

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