In-N-Out RESISTS vaccine mandates in San Francisco: ‘We refuse to become the vaccination police’

by Vianca Rodriguez

In-N-Out Burger has decided enough is enough of government decrees and is standing up against vaccine mandates in California which is home to the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

The popular burger chain, originally founded in Baldwin Park, Calif., denounced San Francisco’s vaccine requirements on Tuesday after the city shut down its only In-N-Out location for refusing to comply with ensuring customers are vaccinated.

In-N-Out Burger’s Chief Legal and Business Officer Arnie Wensinger told Fox News on Wednesday that although the company posted signage regarding local vaccine rules required by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, it refuses to demand vaccination proof and photo ID from every single customer.

“We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” said Wensinger, who also called the San Francisco Department of Health an “unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe” governmental organization. The executive slammed the department’s overreaching demands as “discriminatory” for segregating customers “who choose to patronize their business” based on their medical status.

The burger chain is the latest company to publicly oppose enforcing vaccine mandates that have been implemented at local, state, and federal levels across the country.

Thousands of airline pilots, health care workers, and law enforcement officers have recently protested in record numbers against vaccine mandates.

As Biden’s vaccine mandate slowly creeps into workplaces across the country, protests continue to multiply as Americans reel from the effects of not getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Those demonstrating alongside unions are hoping negotiations will produce improved conditions favoring workers that want to make their own medical choices.

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