IRS whistleblower says Hunter Biden warrants and charges were blocked

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley revealed that search warrants and criminal charges for Hunter Biden were blocked by prosecutors, via Just the News.

This was revealed during testimony given Thursday after Hunter Biden accepted a plea deal for three misdemeanor charges, which have been called a “slap on the wrist” by Republican leaders, per RSBN.

According to the testimony transcript, obtained by Just the News, he noted that he does not support any specific political party stating, “I vote for the candidate, not the party. I have voted for Presidents with both an R and/or a D in front of their names.”

Shapley has worked for the IRS for 14 years, per RSBN, and headed a team of IRS agents who raised concerns regarding Hunter Biden’s tax records.

When seeking a search warrant in the case, Shapley said that it was rejected by a U.S. attorney’s assistant who was assigned the case because Hunter Biden was living in his father’s guest house at the time. 

He described how agents then attempted to receive a warrant to search Hunter Biden’s storage locker, but the request was again denied. 

Shapley said, “Any other case I ever worked, if they were like there’s a storage unit with documents from the business and personal documents in relation to the years under investigation — the risk was zero, because it’s on a storage unit, it’s not on a residence — there’s no prosecutor I’ve ever worked with that wouldn’t say, go get those documents.”

In addition, Shapley described how the DOJ “was purposely slow-walking investigative actions.”

“By June 2020, those same career officials were already delaying overt investigative actions. This was well before the typical 60- to 90-day period when DOJ would historically stand down before an election,” he added.

He testified that the DOJ waited for the statute of limitations to expire regarding questionable income from Burisma to Hunter Biden that predated 2017. 

Furthermore, Shapley also noted that the IRS had evidence connecting Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings. 

The House Judiciary GOP posted a tweet displaying how the DOJ gave a “cease and desist” order in the Biden investigation in September of 2020.

Their response was simply, “WOW.”

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