IRS whistleblower says Hunter Biden’s book ‘completely CONTRADICTED’ his tax claims

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

During the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler testified that Hunter Biden’s tax records were allegedly falsified. 

He stated, “Statements Hunter Biden made in his book completely CONTRADICTED what he was deducting as business deductions on his 2018 return…”

Ziegler noted that Hunter “allegedly falsely claimed business deductions” for his drug dealer, sex club memberships, and other non-business-related activities. 

In addition, Ziegler testified, “Hunter Biden did not report any of the money he earned from Burisma for the 2014 tax year.” 

He then described how this amounted to a tax loss of $124,000 to the American government. 

Ziegler added, “There is nothing that I’ve seen in the public documents” that indicate that Hunter Biden will be required to pay tax on that income or amend his 2014 return.”

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