It’s time to flip New York RED: President Trump rallies in the Bronx  

2WM3Y2Y Myrtle Beach, United States. 23rd Feb, 2024. Attendees wave posters as republican presidential candidate and former president Donald Trump speaks during a "Get Out and Vote" campaign rally at the Winthrop Coliseum in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Friday, February 23, 2024. South Carolina holds its Republican presidential primary on February 24. Photo by Bonnie Cash/UPI Credit: UPI/Alamy Live News

Op-ed by Lisa Noeth | Photo: Alamy

President Trump can very well win AOC’s district and the surrounding neighborhoods in the Bronx and flip New York red this November. I was born in Queens, New York, raised in New Jersey, and lived in Queens while attending graduate school at NYU. To say the least, I know how it feels to be one of the few Trump supporters in the streets of NYC.

A week after his New Jersey rally, which had 100,000 attendees, President Trump announced he would speak to supporters in the South Bronx on Thursday, May 23, 2024. The Bronx and all of New York State will stand tall behind President Trump.

The excitement of President Trump’s campaign in the Empire State shows New Yorkers are ready to welcome him with open arms.

Born and raised New Yorkers understand President Trump symbolizes the heart and soul of the Big Apple’s slogan, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Looking back at the 1970s, President Trump built New York City’s iconic landmarks and buildings as a trailblazing businessman and developer.

The Democratic Party’s robust efforts in rallying their base backfired in the wake of the Trump trials.

Trump supporters could be seen lining up on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower to see his limousine pass by them. The chants from Trump supporters of “Four More Years,” “Black Lives MAGA,” and “Trump” echo loudly on the streets of Manhattan and the Bronx.

Despite the Trump Trials, President Trump’s America First values resonate within the Hispanic and African American neighborhoods of New York City.

Lifelong Democrats ranging from union workers to the minority community vocalize their support in the wake of President Trump’s recent trial.

Local New Yorkers in the minority community feel the negative impact of the Biden administration’s economic policies and skyrocketing energy prices. New Yorkers are witnessing firsthand the snowball effects of high crime, the migrant crisis, uncontrollable inflation, unaffordable housing, and violence.

President Trump recently made an appearance at a bodega in Harlem, New York, where a fatal stabbing occurred in 2022.  Over a week later, hundreds of construction workers, who historically vote blue down the ticket, chanted “four more years” during President Trump’s appearance at a New York City construction site. Even union workers are courageously expressing frustration with President Biden’s policies on national TV with the high costs of construction materials.

In the face of chaos, as crime and riots sweep the streets of New York City, an ongoing call for restoring law and order resonates with local New Yorkers.

Reflecting upon Biden’s policies failing historically Democratic inner cities, especially the Hispanic and African American communities, there is an underlying support for bringing back Republican values. These values include personal responsibility, family, faith, freedom, prioritizing law enforcement and public safety, and strong national defense.

Historical factors indicate that inner cities are left-leaning. However, a significant number of lifelong Democrats who voted for Biden in 2020 are now turning their backs on him.

The future of America is now in the hands of fed-up lifelong Democrats as Joe Biden continues to fail his base – particularly within young Americans, union workers, and minority communities.

It’s time to vote because the future of America depends on it. New Yorkers for Trump!

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