Jim Jordan SUBPOENAS Fulton County DA Fani Willis

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, has issued a congressional subpoena for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis related to questions surrounding the use of federal grant funds.

This is the second major blow to Willis’s public image since allegations of misconduct in Georgia arose earlier this year.

She was previously linked to Nathan Wade, a romantic partner she hired to prosecute President Donald Trump in the election-related case she has spearheaded. She is now facing 22 articles of impeachment in the Georgia state legislature, per RSBN.

The House Judiciary Committee released the letter that Chairman Jordan sent to Willis on Friday morning, where he noted that the committee’s “oversight of your office’s use of federal grant funds is particularly relevant in light of public whistleblower allegations that it has misused federal funding.”

He cited a recent report where “your office unlawfully ‘planned to use part of a $488,000 federal grant – earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention – to cover frivolous, unrelated expenses.”

He furthered alleged:

“According to reporting about the whistleblower’s allegations, instead of using these federal grant funds for the intended purpose of helping at-risk youths, your office sought to use the grant funds to ‘get Macbooks,. . . swag, . . . [and] use it for travel.’ Moreover, the whistleblower’s direct supervisor stated that these planned expenditures ‘were part of [your] vision.’ The whistleblower has stated that she warned you that the use of the federal grant funds in this manner was ‘impossible’ because the terms of the grant were ‘very, very specific.’”

Chairman Jordan added that the allegations “raise serious concerns about whether you were appropriately supervising the expenditure of federal grant money” and whether she “took actions to conceal your office’s unlawful use of federal funds.”

Jordan’s letter included an attached subpoena requesting access to requested documents and information relevant to the committee’s investigation into the potential misuse of federal grant funds.

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