Joe Biden has already lost the presidential debates to Trump – here’s why

2CD2KXM President Donald J. Trump participates at a roundtable on donating plasma Thursday, July 30, 2020, at the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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Joe Biden has already lost the presidential debates of 2024, and here’s why: his record is one of abysmal failure and catastrophic chaos.

This week, Biden finally announced that he would debate President Trump, committing to at least two presidential debates in June and September before the upcoming general election in November.

This comes after months of Trump tauntingly challenging his Democrat opponent to commit to throwing political hands “ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE” amid well-placed doubts from Americans that Biden is even capable of debating at this point.

Biden’s debate acceptance video on X was observably edited and cut multiple times, implying that he likely could not get through his lines in a single take. X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz even pointed out, “You have 5 jump cuts in a 14 second video. You’re not mentally ‘there.’ No jump cuts allowed during debates, crooked Joe.”

It seems silly that someone who has faltered so much in the public eye is poised to attempt to take on Trump in 2024 on a debate stage, but the general election debates are nevertheless a key component for candidates hoping to reach an even broader national audience.

Here are four rock-solid reasons why Joe Biden has already lost the debates long before they’re set to kick off.

Biden’s campaign requests make him look weak

Joe Biden’s tough guy talk on X is all fun and games until Americans begin to peer beneath the false carapace of confidence projected by his team. According to Fox News, the Biden campaign has made a long list of demands in their agreement to debate with Trump, including one particularly glaring ask: no audience.

That’s right – Biden doesn’t want the presidential debates to have a live television audience, and while his team may claim this is because they don’t want the debate to be an “entertainment” spectacle, the obvious deduction is clear. Biden cannot handle it.

His numerous gaffes, falls, verbal confusion, and growing observable frailty are out in the open for the world to see. A live television audience would only exacerbate his issues, and his team is undoubtedly aware of that.

“They know that Joe Biden is weak – he can hardly get through a teleprompter speech without slurring over his words,” Trump National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt explained on Thursday.

Biden’s need to be constantly handled and protected by those around him only hammers home Trump’s argument that the Democrat nominee is “the most incompetent president in history.”

Biden’s record is in ruins

The nation has now clearly seen the differences between a Biden administration and a Trump administration. This is a massive advantage for President Trump and a huge weak point for Biden.

Inflation has risen astronomically since Biden’s first day in office, sending prices soaring on groceries, gas, and travel. Car insurance is up 22.6 percent since 2023, and 46 percent up from pre-2020. Rent has risen by 21 percent, and energy prices have exploded by around 30 percent.

Violence has spread rapidly in the Middle East and Europe between Russia and Ukraine. Millions of unvetted illegal migrants have flooded across America’s borders – and continue to flood in, unchecked, thanks to Biden’s facilitation of the open border crisis.

These massive failures on Biden’s part are excellent opportunities for Trump to take his political opponent to the mat and draw a clear contrast between how the world looked when he was in office, and what it looks like now under Biden’s crestfallen administration.

Biden is losing Democrat voting blocs to Trump

Biden’s willingness to debate is possibly a signal that his campaign recognizes how poorly he is viewed by the American public. Daily Wire talk show host Ben Shapiro pointed out, “Joe Biden now says he wants to debate Trump. That’s because he knows he’s losing. This dude required 5 jump cuts in 14 seconds in order to even challenge Trump. This is a candidate in crisis mode.”

As previously reported by RSBN, Trump is holding tremendous support among Hispanic voters. A recent Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation poll demonstrated a four-point lead for the 45th president over Joe Biden. This is no small feat, and it does not bode well for Biden.

TxHPF also found that Trump had a massive 15-point lead over Biden among immigrants in America.

It’s not just Hispanics and immigrants in the U.S. who are hopping aboard the Trump Train in 2024 – Black voters are rapidly swinging their support toward “The Don.” CBS News recently reported a 19 percent uptick in Black support for Trump in America since the 2020 election, and The Wall Street Journal found this spring that at least 30 percent of Black men have indicated that they will likely vote for Trump, as well.

This massive electoral shift toward Trump is a monumental sign that the tides of public opinion are turning, proving yet again that Biden is in a bad position heading into the first debate in June.

The border crisis is a political dumpster fire for Biden

While the economy is an immediate issue for all Americans, what Biden has allowed to happen at the U.S. southern border has become a battle cry for Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who realize that national sovereignty is integral to maintaining America’s safety.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, R-La., has postulated that as many as 16 million illegals have gained entry into the United States since Biden took office, a staggeringly high number that has never been seen before in American history.

According to Gallup, immigration is Americans’ top “unprompted concern.” When asked what the “most important problem facing the country” in 2024 was, 28 percent of respondents indicated that it was immigration.

The second most important issue among Americans was “mentions of government and poor leadership,” which likely ties directly into how Americans feel about the unaddressed border crisis.

This egregious issue and unwillingness to secure Americans’ safety at the border has cost Biden dearly in terms of political points. President Trump’s support is surging despite a left-biased mainstream media and ongoing political lawfare. Why? Because Americans are hungry for a leader who is willing to lead and protect.

Joe Biden has done neither of these things, and Americans can look at President Trump’s record on securing the border, working toward constructing a wall, and implementing strict immigration policies and see that his approach was far more successful than Biden’s comically tepid policies.

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