Justin Trudeau is losing control amid stalemate with truckers

by Ryan Meilstrup

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is losing support over his handling of the Freedom Convoy protests in his country, including from his fellow left-wingers.

Trudeau is being hit on all sides as massive trucker convoys have descended on the Canadian capital of Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates for truckers being imposed by Trudeau’s government.

The BBC reported, “The convoy began as a call to end a vaccine mandate imposed by the federal government on 15 January that would require unvaccinated Canadian truckers returning from across the US border to quarantine once they return home. But it has since grown into a push to end all vaccine mandates nationwide and what supporters see as government overreach of Covid-19 restrictions.”

Far-left political leaders as well as liberal news publications have derided Trudeau’s lack of leadership and failure to articulate a strategy to end the protests.

Thus far, Trudeau has refused to meet with the protestors and has instead referred to them as a fringe group who are racists and violent, despite there being no reports of violence during the protests.

Even a Canadian communist leader has come out against Trudeau over his handling of the massive protests and called a special meeting of Parliament on Monday night to address his concerns over Trudeau’s lack of leadership, Breitbart reported.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Convoy is showing no signs of retreating; in fact, the convoy of trucks continues to grow.

Incredible scenes have emerged from Detroit, Michigan showing a massive line of trucks trying to cross the Ambassador Bridge which connects the United States to Canada. There were so many trucks that the bridge was shut down to deal with the extraordinary amount of congestion.

This will create more headaches for Justin Trudeau and will likely intensify criticism of his leadership during this time of political turbulence.

And if the prime minister expects the Freedom Convoy to pack up their trucks and go home, he, so far, has been sorely mistaken; hey don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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