Kari Lake launches election operation in Arizona aimed at encouraging Republicans to VOTE in 2024

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Grassroots Republicans have their sights set on encouraging more Republicans than ever to vote in 2024, and in Arizona, Kari Lake is working overtime to ensure that GOP voters remember to cast their ballots.

Lake, a popular GOP gubernatorial candidate in Arizona and now a close Trump ally, confirmed on Twitter that she was “leading the greatest grassroots movement in the history of Arizona.”

She continued, “The people are activated. And we have never been more ready to take our state back. One ballot at a time.”

According to Just the News, grassroots organizations like Turning Point Action, Early Vote Action, America First Works, and America Pack have formed a coalition in Arizona dedicated to getting Republicans to pick up a ballot and cast their vote.

As previously reported by RSBN, Lake announced that she would be launching the “most extensive” ballot-chasing operation in history in late May, amid her ongoing legal battle over purported election problems in Maricopa County’s election processes in November 2022.

She told the press that hundreds of thousands of Republicans in Arizona didn’t show up to vote in last year’s midterms.

If you do the math, that’s about a half a million Republicans and Independents who let election day pass with that ballot sitting on their counter,” she explained.

The Arizona grassroots coalition that is now spearheaded by Lake will seek to mobilize GOP voters to get their ballots off the counter and make sure they cast them in the primary and general elections next year.

Via Just the News, the chief operating officer at Turning Point Action, Tyler Bowyer, heavily encouraged the concept of early voting. He noted, “For voters that are less likely to vote and new voters, it is best to encourage early voting. We need to encourage early voting. We can’t trust they’re going to show up to vote for sure.”

In 2023, Turning Point Action also launched a massive initiative called “Chase the Vote,” which is aimed at mobilizing “freedom fighters to chase every ballot” in battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

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