Kari Lake talks HUGE primary victory: ‘This is the NEW Republican Party’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake talked about her slam-dunk primary victory with RSBN on Friday in Texas at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“It’s amazing what the people of Arizona accomplished with me. We did this together,” she said. “This is the new Republican party, the party of we the people, and we’re welcoming anyone in who loves America. We welcome anyone in who is tired of these failed policies of the Democrats. We welcome them into this party.”

Lake additionally took the stage at CPAC for a discussion with Julio Rosas, Tom Holman, and Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas.

She added, “Because we’re the party of solutions and we’re the party of just moving this country forward and being a good place to raise families.”

Late Thursday night, Lake officially clinched the Republican nomination in the Grand Canyon State gubernatorial race, winning every county in Arizona in an incredible victory for her campaign.

On Wednesday, Lake declared victory in the race after pulling ahead during the night, following a very early lead from establishment Republican opponent Karrin Taylor Robson. “I never expect the media to be intelligent,” Lake quipped, “and they weren’t. The numbers that initially came in were early ballots…we knew those were gonna go a little bit more toward our opponent.”

She also pointed out that when the media began reporting that Robson was leading the gubernatorial race, “They had not put in a single vote from Election Day when the first batch of numbers came out. And then they very slowly started to release the Election Day vote.”

She noted that she won “70 percent” of same-day votes.

“I don’t know why they release it [results] so slowly – maybe to take a little bit of the steam and energy out – because they should have had those ready to go,” she remarked.

“When we took the stage, we knew we were gonna win,” she continued. “I said, don’t worry, we haven’t gotten the Election Day numbers yet. And sure enough – BOOM. When they brought those in, we soared, we took the lead! But unfortunately, it came late at night…it took them a few more days to finally admit it, that we won.”

Lake also shared that she believed that she will win by 8 to 10 points by the time the rest of the ballots are counted.

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