Kari Lake wages war on political corruption: ‘this mama bear is going to tear them to shreds’

Photo: Alamy

Conservative superstar Kari Lake hit the 2023 CPAC stage on Saturday, sharing fiery remarks with the audience that touched on her lawsuit that is headed to the Arizona State Supreme Court in her ongoing battle for election integrity.

Lake, who was endorsed by President Donald Trump in her 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race, is a wildly popular conservative figure for millions of Americans. She is currently waging a legal battle against Maricopa County election officials and former Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for widespread election problems that occurred on Election Day in November 2022.

“They stole an election in broad daylight and then they dared us to do something about it,” she told the crowd. “They thought that we would roll over and go quietly into the night.”

She quipped, “They messed with the wrong mama bear, and this mama bear is going to tear them to shreds!”

Regarding her lawsuit, she noted that they were “exposing these criminals who are stealing these elections.”

“We want to know who they are and we want to make sure we drive them out of office,” she continued.

Lake also shared some shocking information with the audience on Saturday, stating that in the last week, someone showed up at her door and “tried to bribe me into getting out of politics.”

“This is how disgusting politics is,” she said.

Lake said that she was offered a job title, a huge salary, and a position on a board if she agreed to step out of the political arena for two years. She also said that this individual was sent “at the request of some powerful people back East.”

Lake further revealed that this person asked what it would take to keep her out of politics.

“’You let your handlers back East know, that there is no price – there is no price that I would sell out my country for,’” Lake responded, drawing huge cheers from the audience.

Lake said the interaction with this person got her “very fired up” as she was preparing to travel to CPAC and noted that “I have complete faith and I have complete confidence that this country CAN and WILL get things back on track.”

She reminded everyone, “we the people are in control” and that “America First is not over yet.”

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