Kari Lake widens lead over Democrat challenger in Arizona

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake, the GOP gubernatorial nominee in the great state of Arizona, has widened her lead over her Democrat opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. A new report from Trafalgar looking at polling trends in the Grand Canyon State in the governor’s race found that Lake has gained another 3.7 points over Hobbs since August.

Lake, according to the poll, received 50 percent of the vote while Hobbs garnered 45.6 percent.

Part of Hobbs’ decline in popularity with potential voters is likely linked to her refusal to debate Kari Lake ahead of the November general election. On social media, Lake has been taking Hobbs to task over the move, accusing the Democrat candidate of ducking out of a timeworn tradition in Arizona.

Lake stated in a video posted to Twitter last week, “For the first time in the history of our state, there will be no Clean Elections gubernatorial debate. Bucking state tradition, my opponent, Katie Hobbs, has made it official: she will not share a debate stage with me under any circumstance.”

The video was a response to Hobbs’ second time declining an invitation to debate. “From behind a phone, there’s no one tougher than @katiehobbs,” the Kari Lake War Room fired off. “She stands up to nazis, the patriarchy, and sees domestic threats everywhere. In person, she’s nowhere to be found. Katie can’t face the real issues confronting Arizona. She won’t even face @KariLake.”

Lake’s transparency and willingness to get out and visit with the voters of Arizona, as well as her openness to debate Katie Hobbs publicly, has continually boosted her numbers, even among mainstream polling.

On Monday, Lake kicked off her first “Ask Me Anything” event in downtown Phoenix, sparking the first of a series of transparent conversations with Arizona constituents.

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