Ken Paxton slams ‘illegal’ impeachment as Texans support him

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a popular figure. He has fought to maintain free and fair elections in his state and won reelection by a landslide in the midterm elections, but now he has been impeached. 

Paxton has called it “an illegal impeachment,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

However, according to the Gateway Pundit, Texas Republicans did not follow standard protocol to impeach Paxton. Their investigation of alleged bribery was held in secret. He was not allowed to offer evidence to defend himself, and the impeachment took place over Memorial Day Weekend. 

Although he is entitled to a fair trial, the treatment of America First individuals who oppose the Biden administration has led to various concerns and so this case is of great interest to the people, especially Texas conservatives.

And it is the people who Paxton remains focused on. On Memorial Day, he received support from Texans and posted his thanks on Twitter. 

Paxton has also released a detailed report defending himself from the “complaints” which led to the impeachment. Within the document, Paxton notes that “AG Paxton’s actions were lawful, and consistent with his legal duties and prior actions taken by Attorneys General of Texas. AG Paxton committed no crime.”

His report points out that there is a lack of evidence of any bribe and debunks all of the claims made against him. It spans 374 pages and presents Paxton’s case with clarity.

Although supporters are standing by him, Paxton is currently suspended. This impairs his ability to serve his role to the Texans that elected him, making him yet another highly politicized case.

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