MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN: Trump pitches a brighter and more secure American dream

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump heralded a message of making America “SAFE” again on Monday during remarks in Clive, Iowa, ahead of the anticipated caucuses in January 2024.

“Making America great again must begin with making America SAFE AGAIN!” Trump declared to a packed house of Iowans.

The president continued, “Under my leadership, the world’s thugs, villains, killers, and savages were in retreat and running scared – THEY WERE RUNNING SCARED. All because you had a president who stood up for America.”

In his speech, Trump highlighted his accomplishments while he was in the White House, noting that he “obliterated the ISIS territorial caliphate” and terminated Al Baghdadi, the senior ranks of Al Qaeda, and took out Kassem Solemani, who was responsible for many American soldiers’ deaths.

“I choked off the money to corrupt Palestinian organizations and stood with Israel like no president in history,” he went on.

The 45th president recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and also pointed out that he had brokered the historic Abraham Accords, which brought peace to the Middle East, unlike the turbulence and bloodshed that has erupted under Joe Biden.

Trump said, “I withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, crushed the murderous Iranian regime with sanctions, and starved Hamas…we took Hamas and Hezbollah, and took them to task like nobody else has ever done…”

He additionally warned that if Iran got their hands on nuclear weapons, “All negotiations stop.” He cautioned that Iran was “weeks” away from obtaining nuclear firepower.

“This is the position that this fool [Biden] has put us in,” he explained.

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