Massive new wave of international migrants reaches U.S. border

2HH8BE4 Migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. are being processed by the U.S. border patrol after crossing the border from Mexico at Yuma, Arizona, U.S., January 23, 2022. REUTERS/Go Nakamura

Photo: Alamy

Shocking new videos have revealed that a massive wave of migrants has reached the U.S. border in Yuma, Arizona. Jorge Ventura, reporting for the Daily Caller, stated that at around 5:00 a.m. at the border on Friday, he witnessed around 800 migrants crossing into the U.S. in just 60 minutes.

“We’ve been meeting migrants from all over the world,” Ventura stated as a cameraman followed him through a crowd of people sitting on the ground around the border wall. Ventura stated that they met migrants from Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, India, Cuba Afghanistan, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Colombia.

Ventura noted that because the heat in Arizona is “so brutal, the crossings are now happening in the middle of the night, early morning.”  

Another tweet posted to Ventura’s account showed him sitting on the ground, talking to three men attempting to cross into the U.S. from Afghanistan. “Interviewing 3 men from Afghanistan that crossed early this morning with a massive group of 800 in Yuma,” Ventura stated.

Shockingly, more videos showed hundreds of migrants flooding through a gap in the border wall fencing in the early hours of the morning. The wave of people included men, women, and children.

“Border patrol is stretched thin here in Yuma,” Ventura captioned one of the videos.

Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the crisis at the southern border has escalated, reaching a fever pitch as migrants from around the world have streamed into the U.S. illegally.

In fact, a new report shared at the Center for Immigration Studies, provided by Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, revealed that the foreign-born population in America today has risen to a staggering 47 million people, including legal and illegal immigrants. The Washington Examiner reported that the study also shows an increase in the illegal immigrant population in the U.S., which sits at 11.6 million.

The U.S. Census Bureau additionally postulated that the steady influx of migrants onto American soil will continue to inflate immigration numbers, resulting in a potential 51.3 million foreign population by the end of Biden’s first term, making up about 15 percent of the U.S. population.

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