MASSIVE protests sweep UK as protesters push back against vaccine passports

by Summer Lane

The fight for liberty continued in the United Kingdom on Saturday as thousands of citizens took to the streets to protest vaccine passports in Northern Ireland as well as London, joining the global chorus of frustrated citizens rising up against the tyranny of restrictive governmental regulations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, new restrictions were passed in the Assembly in Belfast in a vote of 59 to 24, forcing “vaccine certification” requirements for businesses and citizens, according to a report from Belfast Live.

This protest footage was taken in the streets on London

Although the media has labeled the protest as an “anti-vax” protest, it was really an “anti-vaccine mandate” protest.

As reported by Belfast Live, social media advertisements for the event stated, “Enough is enough. Say No to Vax Passports.” Thousands of protesters walked through the streets of Belfast and gathered at city hall, holding signs that read “No Vaccine Passports” and “Your Body Your Choice.” Additionally, a song with the lyrics, “We do not consent” was heard playing as protesters marched, according to social media footage of the event from Twitter.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a new poll shared from the Times indicated that the newest variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, is hardly stirring up fear in the UK. According to the survey of 1,714 people, there was at least 60 percent opposition to shutting down shops, pubs, indoor meetings, and restricting visiting with family or friends on Christmas.

More footage from the UK protests in Belfast

The protest in Belfast and the march in London is just another example of citizens protesting governmental tyranny. Massive, organized efforts to protest vaccine passports and coronavirus restrictions have swept the globe this year in countries all around the world, particularly in countries with the strictest rules, like Australia.

What will it take for the medical apartheid of global fascism to stop? When will government leaders acquiesce to the will of their citizens and halt egregious government overreach and medical discrimination? There are no clear answers to those questions, but one thing is for sure: the people of the UK are not letting their freedoms go quietly.

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