‘Merry Christmas, Sleepy Joe!’ video of Trump singing Christmas song to Joe Biden goes viral

by Alex Caldwell

A YouTube video of President Donald Trump singing a Christmas song to Joe Biden has gone viral over the past week.

The song “Merry Christmas, Sleepy Joe” was produced by YouTuber Maestro Ziikos earlier this month. Ziikos cut separate clips of Trump and edited them together to form the lyrics of the festive song. Watch the video HERE.

“Snow is falling all around me. Children playing, having fun,” Trump sang.

“It’s the season, love and understanding, Merry Christmas, Sleepy Joe,” belted Trump in the doctored video.

Trump is shown calling Biden “Sleepy Joe” in reference to Biden falling asleep when he isn’t supposed to. Last month, Biden fell asleep in front of world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland.

Ziikos’s channel, which has nearly three million subscribers, features videos of Trump “singing” numerous Christmas songs, including “All I Want for Christmas is You,” “Last Christmas,” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Trump’s Christmas song comes amid several controversies of what he has referred to as part of “the war on Christmas.”

Earlier this month, a man was arrested after setting the Fox News Christmas tree on fire in New York City. He was shortly released from jail without bail.

Another group is targeting the Wreaths Across America foundation that lays wreaths on the headstones of Christian veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation smeared the actions of the Christmas-celebrating group as “unethical, illegal and unconstitutional.”

Trump stated that he helped save Americans’ right to speak the words, “Merry Christmas,” telling a Turning Point USA group in December 2019 that people “are going to say Merry Christmas again.”

“Do you remember they were trying to take ‘Christmas’ out of Christmas? Do you remember? They didn’t want to let you say ‘Merry Christmas,'” Trump said.

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