Mike Crispi: Trump getting involved in New Jersey primary would be ‘death blow’ to ‘RINO’ Chris Smith

Businessman and New Jersey congressional hopeful Mike Crispi slammed “RINO” Republicans in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday, calling out GOP lawmakers who fail to “protect” American citizens.

“The only thing worse than these democrats like Jerry Nadler are Republicans,” Crispi stated. “People who we donate money to, people who we elect time and time again – they’re supposed to protect us!”

He continued, “And unfortunately, the man who I’m running against – who’s been in Congress since Jimmy Carter was the president – Chris Smith, he is voting to arm the Ukraine, but he is voting to disarm the wonderful citizens of New Jersey who just want to be able to protect themselves. But they can’t do it with this type of madness, Tucker.”

Crispi announced his congressional campaign bid for the state’s 4th congressional district in January, stating that he was “responding to President Donald Trump’s call for a challenge to 40-year Republican Congressman Chris Smith.” Crispi is a strong supporter of President Trump and has promoted his campaign on Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Crispi received the endorsement of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

In November 2021, the 45th president called for a Republican who would be willing to challenge Chris Smith, R-N.J., following Smith’s vote to support Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. “You will have my backing,” the president stated, pledging to support a GOP challenger who would step up to the plate.

However, Trump has yet to make an official endorsement in the rapidly-approaching New Jersey primary race. According to NJ.Com, Crispi has done exceptionally well in his bid to challenge Smith, raising $82,576. In fact, among the GOP primary challengers in the race, Crispi is the current front-runner headed into the primary election.

“[If] President Trump gets involved in this race – it’s the death blow to somebody who’s been in since 1980,” Crispi added during his interview with Tucker. “…We need to elect our representatives and right now, people want change. Because all they want, Tucker, is the country to be put first.”  

Crispi has been endorsed by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and political strategist Roger Stone.

The New Jersey primary election will take place on Tuesday, June 7.

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