More than half of Trump rallygoers are NEW

by Ryan Meilstrup

Photo: Alamy

President Trump continues to expand voter enthusiasm for Republican candidates by wielding one of his most potent political weapons: his rallies.

The 45th president has continued to hold his heavily attended MAGA rallies in support of GOP candidates he has endorsed throughout the midterm election cycle and has even grown his base of attendees.

According to a Trump team official, who spoke to Fox News, more than half of those who registered to attend Trump’s five most recent rallies in September and October were first-time attendees.

According to Fox News, “President Trump has built a massive database of those people who have registered to attend a rally since 2015. When looking at the five most recent rallies, more than half of those registering are first-time attendees—they are people who have never attended a Trump rally before.”

The report continued:

“According to Team Trump data, 54% of attendees of Trump’s rallies in Michigan and North Carolina earlier this month had never been to a rally before. 61% of attendees at his Ohio rally were new attendees, 56% of attendees in Nevada were new, and 55% of attendees at his Arizona rally had never been to a rally before.”

Trump’s rallies have been crucial for Republican efforts to take back Congress and state governor mansions during the 2022 midterm election.

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich has said that “through the power of his endorsement and his massive MAGA rallies, President Trump is able to infuse campaigns with media attention, volunteers, and donors in a way that has never before been seen in America politics.”

And the Trump endorsement has been worth its weight in gold during this year’s Republican primaries. According to Ballotpedia, Trump-endorsed candidates have a 92 percent win rate during the 2022 primaries, a staggeringly high percentage which has only strengthened his hold on the Republican Party and bodes well for a possible Trump 2024 presidential run.

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