MTG receives overwhelming support to impeach Biden

2KCHW2X Marjorie Taylor Greene hold press conference about their filing of a lawsuit over mask fines in Congress, in Washington D.C. on July 27th, 2021. (Photo by Zach Roberts/NurPhoto)

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has stood by her America First beliefs. Last week she introduced articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, per RSBN

Since that time she has received criticism from the mainstream media and leftists but remains firm. On Monday, she made a Twitter post requesting that voters take a poll regarding whether or not they support the impeachment.  

This directed users to her website for a Constituent Survey. By Tuesday, she had thousands of responses and posted about the results. 

She noted, “For any member of congress that thinks impeachment is too extreme, my office received over 4,000 calls in 5 days with 80% supporting impeachment.”

In addition, her survey revealed a 77 percent pro-impeachment response from 11,000 individuals who participated. 

Greene also shared her findings with the House of Representatives. She posted a clip of her speech and said, “Americans support impeachment of Joe Biden and his America Last administration!”

In January, a Rasmussen Poll discovered that 50 percent of voters support impeachment. Now that the Biden family crimes are being investigated, Title 42 has ended, and the Durham report revealed that Biden had knowledge that the Trump-Russia Collusion was a hoax, Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a “new low,” according to The Hill.

In addition, a new MRP/PBS News Hour/Marist poll has found that 62 percent of Americans are concerned over Biden’s mental state.

The decision to introduce Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden has stirred controversy, but Greene is displaying that she has Americans’ support. 

To those who believe she is going too far, she stated in her Tuesday tweet, “NOT impeaching is extreme.”  

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