MTG slams double standard of justice as Trump gets arraigned

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

If more than one person commits the same crime, is it fair for only one of those people to be arrested for it? No, but it seems like in many respects that’s what happens and Americans are supposed to believe that justice has been served.

President Donald Trump was indicted for 37 criminal counts, including violations of the Federal Espionage Act.

Many high-profile GOP members, including House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., are criticizing what some call the double standard in politics.

Trump has been indicted, and it appears the Department of Justice is not further investigating Biden, even though he was found to have classified documents that he took home as a then-vice president.

Greene tweeted that the “Department of Injustice has indicted Joe Biden’s leading political opposition over a hoax,” ending the tweet with the question about why Biden is not being further investigated for holding onto secret documents.

This remains a valid question, and it is worth noting at this time the DOJ has not reached a solid conclusion in the Biden case, and seems to have let the case fall under the radar of the public eye. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called Trump’s indictment “a dark day in America” arguing that Trump’s indictment will “disrupt the nation because it goes to the core of equal justice for all, which is not being seen [with Trump’s indictment.]

The foundation for American politics and its justice system is the fact that all Americans are supposed to be held equal under the law, and innocent until proven guilty. It is not truly justice if only certain Americans can be charged for a crime while others are ignored for committing the exact same offense.

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