New Arizona lawsuit alleges massive problems in Maricopa County elections

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A new lawsuit has been filed in Arizona, taking aim at the obvious voting problems that took place in Maricopa County and dishing details about error-ridden voter lists. The lawsuit was filed by Josh Barnett, a former U.S. congressional candidate in Arizona.

In lawsuit documents shared by Liz Harrington, the official spokeswoman for President Donald Trump, the filing alleges an “abnormal increase of inactive voter list in run-up to the November 8 Election.”

Full thread of highlights from the lawsuit

Per the lawsuit, Barnett alleges that between April 2022 to October 2022, the inactive voter list experienced “an abnormal exponential increase of Inactive Voters, going up from 278,570 to 503,741. And the Active Voter list – in the six month run-up to the general election – went down from 2,592,800 to 2,435,397, which makes no sense.”

According to Harrington, the inflation of inactive voters led to: “An inflated turnout rate[.] Headaches for those deemed “inactive” at the polls[.] Possibility of throwing out votes if the arcane Election Procedures Manual, written by Katie Hobbs, was not followed by poll workers who were not trained on inactive voters[.]”

The lawsuit also alleges that there was “another act of maladministration” in that election officials reportedly told voters in Maricopa County that a vote center model would enable them to vote in any of the 223 voting locations in the country. “It wasn’t true as to voters on the Inactive Voter List…the EPM also makes it clear that such a vote will not count,” the filing stated.

This week, Barnett made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” to discuss his suit in detail.

Barnett remarked that they were “asking the court very simply to take judicial notice about the chaos that ensued on November 8.” He also pointed out that there was an “ongoing AG investigation with the Election Integrity Unit…the Maricopa County response has multiple errors of facts and law.”

He slammed the confusion surrounding inactive voters on the Maricopa County lists, alleging that poll workers were not equipped to deal with the problems surrounding the increase of voters on that list and the issues it caused.

“…When you have rules that are broken, procedure that’s broken, form that’s broken, statutes that’s broken, you cannot tell me this is a legitimate, certifiable election. You can’t do it,” he said.  

The lawsuit is a civil complaint filed in the Superior Court for the state of Arizona and Maricopa County. The lawsuit, Barnett v. Hobbs, focuses on the following general allegations:

  1. “Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates Stated That the November 8th Election was ‘Chaos’; And He Admitted Responsibility For The Chaos,
  2. Ongoing Investigation By the Elections Integrity Unit of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office,
  3. Maricopa County Responds to Asst. Att. Gen. Wright,
  4. The Check-Out and Check-In at New Location Option Had No Basis in Law,
  5. Erroneous Poll Training Manual,
  6. Abnormal Provisional Ballots,
  7. Abnormal Increase of Inactive Voter List In Run-Up To The November 8 Election.”

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