New poll: Trump eviscerating Haley in her home state

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

As the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary draws near, President Trump is leading opponent and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by a massive 45 points. 

According to the latest Mainstreet Research poll, a vast majority of the 679 respondents planned to vote, with 93 percent committed to participating in the presidential primary.

A whopping 65 percent of GOP voters then indicated they planned to vote for President Trump. Only 23 percent suggested they would vote for Nikki Haley, leaving 12 percent either undecided or voting for someone else. 

President Trump is leading not just Haley in the polls. When pitted against Joe Biden in polling for the 2024 presidential race, he leads Biden in the latest IpsosMorning ConsultYouGov polls, and more.  

Meanwhile, the #NeverNikki movement continues as America First conservatives criticize her for continuing to run against President Trump despite already losing in IowaNew Hampshire, and Nevada.

Senior Advisor to President Trump, Jason Miller, posted to X Wednesday, noting, “Nikki Haley still can’t name a single state she can win.”

Journalist Jack Posobiec called her out for stating in a recent Today interview, “I’m not loyal to anyone. I don’t do that.”

The Citizen Free Press shared a clip of Journalist Tucker Carlson decrying her pro-war stances on the Russell Brand Show, “I’ve got 4 draft-age children. If you’re playing recklessly, fast and loose with their lives, then I have a right to despise you, and I do.”

President Trump’s record speaks for itself. He spearheaded The Abraham Accords, which promoted peace in the Middle East. 

In addition, he supported American jobs and lowered the poverty rate for all demographics, especially minorities, as well as confronted unfair international trade agreements, heralded energy independence, and fought the opioid and human trafficking crises, per Trump White House Archives

The South Carolina GOP primary will take place on Saturday, Feb. 24. President Trump is hosting a special Valentine’s Day rally to prepare for that race, per RSBN.

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