New Trump ad illustrates his strength against Biden’s weakness: ‘Before and Now’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A new ad from the Trump campaign provided a rock-solid contrast between the strength of his administration and the bumbling weakness of Joe Biden, which has set the world on a path toward global unrest and violence.

The ad, titled “Before and Now,” began with a visual of buildings exploding, just before the video is rewound.

A narrator then solemnly stated, “Before thousands were brutally killed, including Americans. Before Iran helped Hamas plan the attack, killing Americans. Before Biden gave billions of taxpayers’ money to Iran – TRUMP played hardball with Iran.”

The ad continued, “[Trump] destroyed ISIS, kept the Middle East at peace, kept us out of endless wars through STRENGTH.”

The video then pivoted to a direct audio clip from Trump, who explained, “History shows very plainly that evil only respects one thing: unyielding strength. When I’m back in the White House our enemies will know, if you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of yours.”

This latest ad hammers home the resolute foreign policy approach of President Donald Trump versus Joe Biden’s administration, under whose watch the Middle East has exploded into violent conflict. Joe Biden has also overseen the catastrophic and endless war between Russia and Ukraine.

This past weekend while speaking in Claremont, New Hampshire, at a campaign event, President Trump vowed that he would “prevent World War Three.”

As reported by RSBN, Trump declared, “World War Three has never been closer than it is right now under Crooked Joe Biden. I stand before you today as the only candidate in either party who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III.”

He explained that he was only candidate among the primary hopefuls in the Republican race that had “borne the burden of having troops in harm’s way as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.”

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