Nigel Farage: Biden’s America ‘no better than a bad joke’

Former Brexit leader Nigel Farage lambasted Joe Biden, saying America is “no better than a bad joke,” following consecutive foreign policy failures in Afghanistan and as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate.

“[I]n terms of its presence on the international stage, and what it says as the leader of the free world being taken seriously, America right now is no better than a bad joke,” Farage said last week on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Following a failed Afghanistan withdrawal and the Taliban’s rise to power, Farage condemned Biden’s withdrawal response after deserting U.K. troops amid the chaos in the region.

“Nobody wanted it to go on forever,” Farage added. “But there had to be the right way, and the right moment, to leave. And for Biden to unilaterally withdraw the biggest force — the American force — without even referring to your closest allies in the world since 1917; and when the British prime minister calls to have an urgent conversation, not to return that phone call for 30 hours, how on earth could we trust America again?”

“How on earth can NATO, frankly, continue to operate? And is it any wonder, given that situation, and given that collapse of leadership in the free world, that Putin is now taunting us from the borders of the Ukraine?” Farage mentioned as the U.S. prepares for another withdrawal as Russia moves into Ukraine.

The State Department on Sunday ordered American citizens at the American Embassy in Ukraine to flee the country as Russia deploys 100,000 troops and weaponry to the Ukrainian border and to Belarus in an attempt to seize the country.

The lack of strong American military power since Biden’s first months in the White House has motivated Russian President Vladimir Putin to move in on Ukraine’s border.

Under President Trump, America’s military power was esteemed by other world powers. However, the current administration’s frail foreign policy has stained America’s legacy among global leaders and superpowers.

Trump also condemned Biden over the Russia and Ukraine debacle, affirming that this “would never have happened under the Trump Administration.”

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