Number of police officers killed in line of duty rises to highest level in nearly 100 years

by Summer Lane

According to a report from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), police officers who have been killed in the line of duty jumped 55 percent in 2021, totaling 458 officer deaths.

Additionally, NLEOMF CEO Marcia Ferranto, in a report from Just the News, also stated that 62 officers died this year by gunfire.

Further, the report revealed that there were 58 traffic-related deaths in 2021, while there were supposedly 301 deaths due to Covid outbreaks among officers. The report states, “301 Covid-19-related fatalities have been identified by NLEOMF and or/reported by departments, and it is anticipated that a significant number have yet to be reported by agencies.”

However, handguns were the primary type of firearm that was used in fatal law enforcement shootings. The NLEOMF report also stated that of the 62 fatal shootings, 32 were killed with a handgun, while 17 fatalities are still under investigation with no identified weapon.

Disturbingly, the Daily Wire reported that United States cities have also experienced an uptick in violence this year that seems to correlate with the dramatic increase in police officer fatalities.

For example, Chicago experienced its highest homicide rate in 25 years in 2021. This, however, likely comes as no surprise to most Americans who have watched many liberal cities burn during lawless, anti-police riots over the last two years.

World-ranked prizefighter and candidate for Governor of NV weighs in on the NLEOMF report

In light of the harrowing fatalities reported by the NLEOMF, it is important to note that there appears to be a connection between the rising deaths of law enforcement officers and the insane legislation being passed in liberal cities and states.

For example, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed legislation in 2020 to ban police chokeholds and direct police shooting investigations to the Attorney General’s office, according to a report from the Courthouse News Service.

However, this type of legislation is continuing to erode the authority of law enforcement officers on the streets who find themselves in violent and dangerous situations. With police officers unable to defend their own lives, they are dying in the line of duty while state lawmakers and politicians continue to pass legislation that seems to embolden criminals and leave law enforcement with little to no protection.

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