Nunes gives insight on Truth Social’s future in streaming, unveils the ‘only’ reason it exists

This week, Trump Media and Technology Group formally announced Truth Social’s big plans to break into streaming, sending shockwaves through the tech industry as the company solidifies its position as a “beachhead” against Big Tech.

In an interview on the X22 Report on Wednesday, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) CEO Devin Nunes elaborated on the company’s three-phase plan to build out an entire ecosystem independent of Big Tech.

Nunes described the company’s goal to become a “home” for outlets that are unable to access platforms like DirecTV and Comcast.

In phase one, Truth Social will launch a feature within the app that allows users to “watch TV” like they would at home. Next, Nunes said, in phase two, Truth Social will have an app for phones and tablets that will function similarly to Fubo or Sling. Finally, Truth Social’s goal for phase three is to make that technology available “at home for people.”

Expanding on what type of content Truth Social will host on its platform, the TMTG CEO said their focus will be on channels for news outlets, religious and family-friendly content, and canceled documentaries. The company seeks to court a large sect of American viewers who want to “cut the cord” on woke platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

“We’re the next big game in town,” said Nunes, sharing that Truth Social has millions of users and is growing every day.

After addressing the haters who have attempted to harm TMTG by shorting its stock, Nunes had an inspiring message about what drives the company.

“This has never been done before where you have a company that is really there for one purpose and that is to protect your constitutional rights and free speech,” he said. “That’s the only reason why we exist.”

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