Ohio senator talks about Trump’s superpower

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

An Ohio senator has shared his thoughts about what he believes President Trump’s superpower is after a clip of President Trump’s Tuesday night town hall went viral.

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, wrote on X that “Trump’s super power is that he’s the most quick witted leader in a generation.” 

Vance, a new senator who was catapulted to office with Trump’s endorsement, added, “Every grown man hyperventilating about this clip needs to find a sense of humor. I’m pretty sure you can buy them on Amazon. Free two day shipping.”

As reported by the Guardian, Hannity asked President Trump during the interview, “Under no circumstances, you are promising America tonight, you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody?” 

Responding to the question, President Trump smiled and said, “I love this guy.” Referring to Hannity, Trump added, “He says, ‘You’re not going to be a dictator, are you?’ I said: ‘No, no, no, other than day one. We’re closing the border, and we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.” The answer was met with loud applause from the audience.

President Trump has been very vocal over the past year about the current border crisis, maintaining that his administration would quickly solve that problem in 2025. 

RSBN reported that President Trump believed that by the end of Joe Biden’s administration, there would be around 15 million illegal immigrants who entered the country due to open border policies. 

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