Ontario to DROP Covid mandates by March

Ontario, Canada is set to drop Covid-related restrictions by March 1 after thousands of freedom-loving Canadians put pressure on government officials to ease coronavirus rules and regulations.

According to a report from Deep Hive News, almost all Covid restrictions will be rolled back by March, including capacity limits for most settings.

Ontario will end vaccine mandates on March 1 as well, relegating that decision to private businesses if they wish to continue to ask customers to show their “papers” to come inside. The report quoted Ontario Premier Doug Ford as claiming that, “The removal of these measures has always been our objective and something we have collectively work[ed] towards for months now.”

However, it appears that the massive Freedom Convoys, which have been protesting in Canada for weeks now, likely put pressure on government officials to loosen the tyrannical grip of Covid-related “emergency” powers.

Prior to the Ontario announcement, a new poll shared from the National Post revealed that two-thirds of Canadians are ready to drop Covid-related restrictions, including eliminating school closures and airport arrival testing. Interestingly, Ontario was polled in the survey and results found that 65 percent of residents there were likely to support lifting pandemic rules.

Freedom-loving Canadians continue to block the U.S.-Canada in Vancouver

This rollback of Covid restrictions in Canada, which has held some of the strictest pandemic-related rules, is encouraging, given the thousands of truckers and civilians who have coalesced in Ottawa and Windsor to protest government overreach and medical tyranny.

On Saturday, truckers, farmers, and civilians continued to blockade the U.S.-Canada border in Vancouver to protest vaccine passports, holding their ground as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes rumblings to invoke emergency powers to deal with the peaceful protesters who are demanding their individual liberties. The fight for freedom has only just begun in Canada.

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