Wisconsin State Rep. Ramthun promises full forensic audit of 2022 races if elected governor

Wisconsin State Rep. Tim Ramthun, R-Wis., promised during a “Save WI, Save America” event on Saturday that if he were elected governor, he would conduct a full forensic audit of the gubernatorial race. “I’m calling for it,” he said. “I’m going to do a full, forensic cyber audit of the 2022 gubernatorial election.”

He added that he would audit “all races,” not just the gubernatorial one.

In light of the amount of fraud that has been reported in Wisconsin since 2020, Ramthun’s pledge is significant. Following a dubious presidential election which saw Joe Biden take the state by just 20,682 votes despite widespread reports of fraud and irregularities, Wisconsin voters are suspicious of the vote tabulation processes in the state.

Further, Ramthun’s bid for governor is an exciting prospect for proponents of election integrity. WTMJ reported on Saturday that the state representative had been previously disciplined by the Wisconsin assembly for calling for decertification of the 2020 presidential election results. However, many conservative voters and supporters of election integrity would likely support his initiative to decertify the highly suspicious presidential election results of 2020.

In fact, according to a previous report from RSBN, a damning fraud hearing in Wisconsin on Thursday identified an overwhelming amount of irregularities that allegedly took place during the 2020 presidential election. Here are just a few of the findings that were highlighted during the hearing:

  • 50,000 fraudulent phantom votes,
  • 1.5 million illegal voter registrations,
  • 625,000 dead people on voter rolls,
  • 4 million adults in Wisconsin but there are 7.1 million voter registrations.

Additionally, an election investigation has been underway for since 2021, spearheaded by former Justice Michael Gableman. Gableman is specifically examining the effects that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had on the election processes in Wisconsin, thanks to millions of dollars that he funneled into key Wisconsin cities during the 2020 election. As previously reported by RSBN, Zuckerberg donated $8.8 million to five Democrat mayors in 2020 ahead of the election.

Rep. Ramthun’s bid for governor, as well as his pledge to audit any and all races that occur inside the state of Wisconsin, is music to many voters’ ears. Wisconsin’s election system has been deeply marred by serious allegations of fraud swirling across multiple counties, and unless someone commits to auditing the reports that continue to surface, voters will never be able to completely trust the process again.

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