Trump highlights his administration’s economic success, hammers Biden’s failures

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump on Monday hammered Joe Biden’s catastrophic economic record, slamming rising inflation, record-high mortgage rates, and the “socialist calamity known as the Green New Deal.”

In remarks delivered in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, he scorched Biden curmulative inflation and the “27-year high” for mortgage rates in America.

“It’s a disgrace,” Trump remarked. “By contrast, under my leadership, we had NO inflation and the 30-year mortgage rate was at an all time LOW.”

Trump derided another sobering statistic, noting that under Biden’s leadership, the typical American family has lost more than $7,400 in annual income.

Further, the president attacked Biden’s “Green New Deal,” and promised to kick the administration’s attack on domestic energy production.

“I’ll terminate Joe Biden’s delusional power plant regulations,” he said. “…Which are forcing hundreds of power plants to shut down with nothing to replace them.”

Trump also told voters in the Granite State, “For decades, the people of New Hampshire have been sold off, ripped off…and betrayed by the corrupt globalists, the Washington Wall Street people and it’s never been worse than it is now than under Crooked Joe Biden…and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama!”

President Trump also reminded the audience that the Trump administration delivered the biggest tax cuts in the “history of our country,” even “bigger” than the Reagan tax cuts.

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