Opinion: Biden’s no-good, tone-deaf State of the Union Address is a disgrace

by Ryan Meilstrup

On Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address—his second speech to the joint session of Congress— and it was predictably full of lies and empty platitudes.

Biden Used Ukraine to Avoid America’s Problems

Biden spent most of his speech covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how he has supposedly united the free world against Putin. However, Biden’s weakness, particularly after the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan last August, emboldened Putin.

Biden’s threats of sanctions did not stop Putin from invading Ukraine, and now he is trying to sell the American people and the world a bag of goods about how he had taken preemptive action to thwart Putin.

Tell that to the Ukrainian people who are now fighting for their survival.

Obviously, the war in Ukraine is a serious situation that must be addressed but spending such a long time on the subject took time away from addressing the concerns of Americans on the homeland.

Biden’s Tone-Deaf Agenda

Inflation, border security, and the rise of violent crime are the most concerning issues to Americans.

Biden’s proposed solutions for these problems are inadequate – and that is being generous.

His plan to lower oil and gas prices was to release 30 million barrels of oil from the nation’s petroleum reserve. That sounds good until you learn that this is less than a week’s supply of oil, hardly enough increased supply to significantly lower prices.

Biden could have alleviated this problem if he did not shut down the Keystone Pipeline, revoked oil drilling permits, and continued the Trump administration’s energy policies that made the U.S. energy independent.

On inflation, Biden claims that his Build Back Better reboot would lower inflation, and he claimed that 17 Nobel laureates in economics approve of this plan.

If that is true, these economists need to have their Nobel laureates revoked. Biden’s solution to inflation is to spend trillions more dollars, and it doesn’t take a monetary policy expert to understand how absurd that is.

He believes that spending trillions of dollars on paying for childcare, affordable housing, pre-kindergarten, and free community college will all somehow reduce inflation.

Oh, and if that doesn’t work, he says he will cut inflation by combating climate change. That’s right, Biden said that he would like to provide an investment tax credit to weatherize your home and business and lower the price of electric vehicles.

The Lies

Biden then pivoted to dissing President Trump’s tax cuts which, according to him, added to the deficit and favored the rich over the middle class.

This was yet another lie.

Furthermore, Democrats continue to claim that the rich don’t pay their fair share, which is demonstrably untrue. According to the IRS, the top one percent pay 40 percent of the taxes, and the bottom 50 percent of income earners pay only 3 percent of the taxes.

And the most significant contribution to the deficit is spending, not tax cuts. It doesn’t take a brilliant accountant to understand that spending more money than you take in will create a deficit.

Letting Americans keep their hard-earned money is not a “giveaway” to the rich.

The Hypocrisy

Next, Biden pivoted to crime and immigration. After nearly two years of Democrats claiming that the criminal justice system is institutionally racist and calling for the defunding of police departments, Biden announced that police should be funded and not defunded.

It was amusing to watch Democrats—the party that has called police officers racist— stand and applaud. It was particularly amusing to watch Kamala Harris stand and applaud after attempting to raise bail money for those who participated in the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots that targeted and resulted in the deaths of many police officers, including David Dorn.

On border security, Biden’s plan included new surveillance equipment, joint patrols with Mexican and Guatemalan border guards, an increase in immigration judges to expedite the asylum process, and a pathway to citizenship for dreamers and those already working in the country.

If Biden had just kept President Trump’s border policies in place, there wouldn’t be a crisis at the border now. This problem is of Joe Biden’s making. During his campaign, he encouraged immigrants to flood the southern border, and the immigrants heard him and followed suit.

And just in time for the State of the Union, the CDC lifted mask mandates and just hours before the House ended mask requirements for those in the chamber, proving once again this is all political theatre.

On the Covid response, he touted the new Pfizer pill and once again pushed vaccine and boosters. He said that the drug will be offered at local pharmacies for no cost to Covid-positive patients.

Biden’s State of the Union Address Was Tone-Deaf at Best

Overall, Biden’s speech was part gaslighting, part tone-deaf, and full of falsehoods.

Nearly every problem he talked about was of his own making. He offered tired talking points and platitudes to problems he created himself. He must genuinely think Americans are stupid.

However, his poll numbers show that Americans aren’t buying his gaslighting.

And in an election year that spells disaster for Democrats, he likely did himself no favors during the State of the Union.

Democrats should be worried.

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