Oversight Committee will pursue Biden probe to ‘its extent’ after new evidence

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

The House Oversight Committee vowed to pursue their investigation of the Biden family to the “fullest extent” following a harrowing press conference where they accused the family of illegal money laundering.

The committee told members of the press on Wednesday that they have enough evidence that Joe Biden knowingly used his influence as vice president to help launder millions of dollars with his family.

“One thing I want to make sure is that all of this has happened, and Joe Biden is aware,” said Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., a committee member who later tweeted a video from the press conference.

He continued, “Nobody in this room can logically sit here and say that the president of the United States had no idea that these companies were being formed while he was vice president of the United States, and I will add you he was probably in better mental shape then than he is today.”

Donalds then added that the committee would continue to pursue the investigation and provide information to the press.

Committee Chair Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., also reported that the Biden family received at least $10 million from foreign nationals, which was carried out by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who opened 16 different business LLCs while his father was serving as the vice president.

Comer then reported that while Hunter Biden’s businesses provided no services or operational functions, they had still received wire transfers from Romanian and Chinese operatives, which were then wired to Biden family members.

The committee had also publicized Biden’s bank records, which showed how Hallie Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden, and a bank account belonging to an unnamed Biden received payments through Robinson Walker LLC in Delaware.

Members of the committee also chastised the mainstream media over their refusal to cover investigations of Biden, while simultaneously airing wall-to-wall negative coverage of Donald Trump.

“[The Biden] family is getting money from various countries and foreign businesses through various shell companies, and this web of LLC,” Rep. Donalds told the media during the press conference. “I mean guys, you in the press, this is easy pickings. I’m giving you Pulitzer stuff here.”

Biden has continually denied having discussions with his family about their overseas business dealings.

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