Pinal County elections director is ‘no longer employed’ after ballot shortage allegations

by Summer Lane

In a surprising twist in the ongoing saga of Arizona’s primary election drama, Pinal County’s elections director no longer holds his post amid allegations of Election Day ballot shortages.

According to Pinal County’s official Twitter account, Elections Director David Frisk “is no longer in the position of Elections Director and is no longer employed by Pinal County. Virginia Ross is the County’s new Elections Director, having resigned her role as County Recorder this morning.”

Additionally, a press release from Pinal County addressed the “recent issues” with the primary election. “In light of the recent issues with Pinal County’s Primary Elections,” the statement reads, “the County can announce changes in the leadership of the Elections department.”

According to a report from 12News, Pinal County allegedly ran out of ballots on Tuesday, due to “unprecedented” demand from voters who were asking for in-person ballots.

Further, Jeffrey McClure, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Pinal County, stated, “As a Board, we are deeply embarrassed and frustrated by the mistakes that have been made in this primary election, and as such, we are taking immediate steps to ensure the November election runs smoothly, as elections in Pinal County have historically done prior to this primary.”

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder, previously lambasted the former elections director for conducting a “banana republic level election.” He added, “David Frisk and Pinal Co. leadership must be held accountable.”

Kari Lake, the presumptive nominee of the GOP gubernatorial primary election, cited the leadership shift at Pinal County on Twitter, as well. “If your right to vote was literally taken away, is this person’s resignation enough to remedy that?” she wrote.

She added, “How much bigger would our win be if all these people were allowed to vote?”

The change in Pinal County’s elections oversight comes just two days after RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward called on Frisk to resign due to the ballot shortage and other issues.

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