Poll: Majority of Americans think Joe Biden is incompetent

by Alex Caldwell

The Biden administration is not fooling Americans with Trump-blaming rhetoric used to cover up Joe Biden’s glaring failures and embarrassing blunders.

After several disastrous months for Biden, most Americans, 55 percent to 42 percent, say that Joe Biden is not competent enough to run the government, according to a Quinnipiac poll.

American’s strongly disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of foreign policy, the economy, taxes, Covid-19, immigration, the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, and his job as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is underwater regarding every key issue among Americans in the United States.

Joe Biden received his worst approval numbers since taking office, a negative 38 percent to 53 percent job approval rating. 55 percent of Americans believe that Biden is not competent in running the government.

Factors that contributed the most to the unfavorable view of Biden include his handling of foreign policy issues, the economy, border crisis, and performance as “Commander-in-Chief” of the U.S. military, the poll revealed.

Biden’s biggest source of any remaining support he has, was on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. However, his approval there also saw a steep dip, decreasing five points since July.

Kamala Harris is more popular than Joe Biden, with a 49 percent approval rating to Biden’s 43 percent, according to a Gallup poll.

Biden’s drop in support is largely accredited to his plummeting support among independents. 60 percent of independents said they disapproved of Joe Biden. In September, 52 percent of independents disapproved of him.

Joe Biden’s decline in popularity is symbolic of decreasing approval for Democrat policies overall, which could signal a red wave in the 2022 midterms.

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