Poll shows more Americans are identifying as conservative

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While liberalism dominates the mainstream media, entertainment, and global politics, a new Gallup poll has revealed that social conservatism is growing among Americans. 

38 percent of Americans surveyed indicated that they are conservative on social issues in the latest poll. This is the highest level in over a decade and up from 33 percent last year.

Independent voters have also increased. Throughout the last two years, independent voters have grown by five percent. 

Meanwhile, liberalism has decreased, dropping to 29 percent.

These numbers were shared by an Interactive Polls Twitter post on Thursday. 

Reasons for the shift vary but the backlash against trans ideology obsession is likely linked. Although classical liberalism supported ideologies that encouraged protections for civil liberties, far-left movements are now fighting to allow graphic sexual content into classrooms in the name of “diversity,” per The New American

Further, modern liberals wish to give biological men the ability to act as women in every facet of female life to support the trans community. Because of this, female athletes face harassment and even violence if they do not remain silent when pitted against trans competitors, according to RSBN.

As if that is not concerning enough, the Biden administration is promoting child sex changes as “gender-affirming care,” and even encourages making this a tax-payer-funded initiative, per the Daily Caller

This had led to serious boycotts of American companies which pander to trans-extremist liberalism. 

According to the New York Post, Bud Light took a $27 billion hit after employing trans internet celebrity Dylan Mulvaney for a new ad campaign. Target also faced massive losses experiencing a $10 billion drop in sales after launching their kid’s LGBTQ pride clothing line, per Newsmax.

Business Insider reported in 2020 that Gen Z is turning to conservatism, which would significantly change the political landscape. The new Gallup poll confirms the change in Americans’ perception of cultural issues.

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