POLL: Support for mandatory vaccines in K-12 schools unpopular

by Meredith Minto

A YouGov/Economist poll released last week showed minimal support for forced vaccinations on school aged children for the Covid-19 vaccine and others.

The poll found that out of all the participants, only 37 percent supported mandated vaccines, with 46 percent against them.

Parents across America have wholly rejected any notion of vaccine and mask mandates on their children who attend public schools.

Because of their staunch resistance, governors of both Democrat- and Republican-led states have begun to remove the Covid-19 restrictions and requirements for children of all ages.

In addition to Florida, South Dakota, and other red states, governors of Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, and Delaware have lifted mask mandates and other Covid-19 protocols in public schools.

Although the blue states have received criticism over the timing of lifting the mandates, more cities and states across the nation appear to be following suit amid increasing resistance to the seemingly never-ending pandemic.

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