President Trump announces massive $122 million cash on hand

President Donald Trump announced Monday that his political committees have a combined total of $122 million cash on hand.

A statement released along with the fundraising numbers reads, “President Trump’s continued and unprecedented pace of fundraising shows that the future of the Republican Party in 2022 and beyond remains, perhaps, the strongest in our Country’s history—the MAGA movement is here to stay! “

The statement also clarified, “This massive fundraising accomplishment does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by other candidates and organizations who use President Trump’s name, likeness, endorsement, and America First Agenda as a platform for their efforts, further strengthening the movement he began in 2016.”

The fundraising numbers for Trump also include $51 million raised between July 1 and Dec. 31. The 45th president managed to raise an astounding $51 million during those months without even running for office. These fundraising numbers seem to indicate that the American people continue to support the 45th president despite Democrats continually seeking to attack his legacy.

President Trump’s Communications Director Taylor Budowich was also quoted in the statement, saying, “President Donald J. Trump has built a political organization that continues to capture and define the future of the Republican Party.”

Budowich added, “From the massive and unprecedented Save America Rallies, to these record-breaking fundraising numbers, there is no question that the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA!) wave is set to crash across the Midterms and carry forward all the way through 2024.”

Republican candidates are in a strong position to retake the House and the Senate in the 2022 midterms. This in part, is due to unprecedented levels of fundraising since the 2020 election. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker both made the news last week for boasting record fundraising numbers. Additionally, popular Republican fundraising site WinRed reportedly raised a record $559 million in 2021.

While Republican candidates have benefitted by calling out the failed policies of the Biden administration, President Trump has significantly aided Republican candidates through endorsements and fundraising support. The 45th president also continues to be a major motivating factor in terms of fundraising throughout the midterm election cycle.

With the 45th president reporting massive fundraising numbers, it is no surprise that many Republicans feel confident Trump will run for the White House again in 2024. Budowich concluded, “President Trump is incredibly well positioned to look beyond November as the need for his leadership has never been more important.”

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