President Trump lays out a five-point economic pitch to young voters in Detroit

by Grace Saldana

President Trump laid out a clear plan to young voters for how he will bring MAGAnomics back to the U.S. economy.

During an address to attendees of Turning Point Action’s “The People’s Convention” on Saturday night, President Trump provided a “simple” plan to make the economy great again.

According to prepared remarks, the first step in his plan is to “stop Joe Biden’s inflation-causing spending spree, and impose an immediate moratorium on all of Crooked Joe’s hundreds of billions of dollars in waste.”

Second, Trump plans to “DRILL, BABY, DRILL.”

“Third, to fight Joe Biden’s inflation, I will stop the Biden Migrant INVASION,” Trump’s expected remarks read. “An estimated 50% of inflation has been caused by the soaring cost of housing, which is skyrocketing due to Joe Biden’s tidal wave of illegal immigration and high interest rates. I will send the illegally entering Biden Migrants back to THEIR countries, so that you can take back YOUR country—and soon.”

Fourth, President Trump would “cancel every unnecessary and costly Biden regulation that is driving up prices.”

“And Fifth—we will make the Trump Tax Cuts permanent, and cut taxes even more for working families and small businesses,” his remarks state.

“As part of those tax cuts, I have announced that I will eliminate taxes on TIPS for restaurant workers and hospitality workers and anyone else relying on tips. Biden has made the tip regulations even tougher and they’re harassing people at levels never seen before. We need to spread the word—so every time you leave a tip for the next 5 months, make sure to write on the check, VOTE TRUMP FOR NO TAX ON TIPS.”

President Trump received an incredible show of support and enthusiasm from Detroit during an epic entrance at the event. His momentum is truly unprecedented as he continues to campaign in historically blue strongholds.

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